Thursday, May 10, 2007

Facing the Giants

I never post movie reviews...... or any other kind of review for that matter, but this one I just couldn't leave alone. I hope I remember to thank sis. Julie for telling me about this movie a few weeks ago too, otherwise I wouldn't have thought of it when my hunk o' honey asked me what to get with his free rental.

We rarely watch tv anymore, other than the news we might watch one or two times a week (shhhh, we all really have enjoyed the series Heroes). We have only been to see one movie in the last two years and regretted that as soon as our seats hit the seats in the theater (I have a thing about sitting in the dark with strangers). So when the movie rental place called and said that they noticed we have only rented from them once in the past and that they wanted to offer us a free movie rental my sweet hunk o' honey picked up Facing the Giants.

I figured it would be a corney sort of movie that was just sticky sweet and well .... you know the typical watered down "G" rated movie that Hellywood tosses out every few years to prevent an outright media riot being waged against it by anyone with the sense to reject the trash they try to forcefeed us all the time. Who knows, maybe it is just an extra syrupy version of the same old "feel good" genre movie ... but I don't think so. I certainly am not a movie critic and I know nothing about quality entertainment but I do know that it kept the attention of all 5 really tired and grouchy members of my family and if you've read my blog for very long at all you know that we have lots of other things to occupy those little neural pathways in our minds.

Not only did it keep our attention but by the middle of the movie we were all cheering, shouting, clapping and rejoicing right along with the folks on the screen. In the span of the 110 minutes of the movies play time we found ourselves facing the very depths of our own souls lacking the zeal and desire to honor the Lord as we should in ALL the steps we take in life. We each took turns breaking down silently within ourselves, seeing our missteps and flaws and failings, repenting and then renewing our desire and zeal to purpose to serve and honor the Lord with not just our best, but our very BEST every single day and praise HIM no matter what the outcome.

I'm not saying that this is a life changing event or that this movie holds some sort of power over us or that it spells out some secret formula for all to follow. All I'm saying is that we each saw a little (or a lot) of ourselves in the people on the screen and sometimes it helps to have the outside looking in view on things that you just couldn't quite get a handle on before. If I wanted to I could find a zillion and ten things about this movie to criticize, but like I said.... I'm no movie critic. The only thing (other than the music) that really bothered me about the movie was that it didn't clearly spell out the plan of salvation for someone who was lost, but it will sure make a lost person curious about how to get right with God.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who finds themself lacking that little un-nameable something within themselves and feels like they are struggling. The movie is uplifting and challenging and encouraging without being vulgar or ugly at all. I have no reservations about watching it or letting my kids watch it when they have 110 minutes to kill. In fact someday in the future we would like to buy a copy to have around.

disclaimer: these are my opinions and not an attempt to influence anyone else's decisions, thoughts, behaviors or feelings. The only guarantee that you can take from here is that it won't rip, run, tear, ravel, fray, leak, spill, stain or run down your overall leg.

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Michelle said...

We have seen this movie and really liked it alot..