Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pictures finally

Fred and Jared pulling the baby weedlings out of our newly planted stawberry garden. We put in over 75 strawberry plants!!! The weeds go to the chickens....the only good thing I can say about weeds is that the chickens love to eat them, they are free and they are abundant. Right now I'm sure that the kids like them even less than I do.

They are so busted!!! Fred and Jared and Caleb all teaching the dog to loaf around in the garden!

Here's this year's veggie garden from the southeast corner. The boxes on the far side have potatoes growing in them...that way I don't have to dig them up, just pull the boxes off to harvest. It looks awful, but it works for me! the little white bumps you see are the "hats" we make from milk jugs to put over new plants to harden them off.

Fred's hive is the one in the corner of the picture and Caleb's is the one in the middle. The blocks on the other side of Caleb's hive is where Jared's hive used to be.... but it is sick and has been moved. Jared is praying over his hive right now.... it looks like we might lose it.

Caleb with his favorite "chick" Rufusita. I know it's a crazy name and there's a long story to go with it. He was feeding her the weeds that he pulled out of the garden playing instead of working with the rest of us.

Well, that's it for the short tour today. I'll try to get more pictures up soon.

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Michelle said...

Your place looks great..Love the pictures..Kids are getting bigger..