Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm still here

Just saying hello and feeling kind of rambly today. Any sudden weather change seems to set off a migraine for me so I'm sort of foggy in the head today and feeling very "unplugged" and short on steam. The flu bug that bit Jared also went through Caleb and left me exhausted from dealing with both boys running high fevers but it is over now and the boys are back to their bouncy selves.

On the job front..... Troy went and did the interview and all of the testing that the company requires and they are now in the background check (a very very thorough one!!)He also was asked to send in lots of very detailed paperwork and copies of his diplomas and transcripts from high school and college so all of that is done now too. I do know that if Troy goes to work for this company he will not be working day shift during the weekdays only like he does now. It will either be 4 ten hour evening shifts during the week or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday day shift and I'm not fond of either one of those scenarios! I guess life is always a trade of some sort though and I don't dare even think of complaining about a thing that isn't a fact in our lives (yet).

I'm sitting here thinking while I type this about how much I have to get done today. I spent all day yesterday tearing half of my house apart and moving things around and cleaning. Am I the only person who can live somewhere for just two years and feel like the stuff I own is taking over? By noon yesterday I was ready to move everything we have out into the yard and only allow each family member to bring 1/3 of their belongings back in the house. As for the other two thirds..... doesn't a nice bonfire sound great?! Seriously, we have accumulated more stuff than we know what to do with. A couple of the folks in our little family (who shall remain nameless today) are serious packrats! They simply refuse to ever throw anything away, and when someone else throws something away they take it upon themselves to "rescue" that item from the dump before it gets there!

Please don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for frugal living and doing all I can to stretch every dollar we have as far as it will go. I just fail to see how saving every single button and every single piece of string or having 14 rubber tipped dojamawhoies saves anybody anything! In fact in my efforts to sort and store and organize and clean all of those buttons and strings and zippers and dojamawhoies I am very likely to have a nervous breakdown which will only run up our medical expenses so how in the world is it helpful??

All joking aside though, I really do detest hoarding and I guess that's what all of this accumulation of STUFF is to me. To me having to collect endless amounts of this and that screams out to me that those persons doing the collecting have a serious problem with their faith, they just don't trust that the Lord will provide them with all the dojamawhoies they need WHEN they need them and rather than build their faith they busy themselves with dojamawhoie collecting. Not to mention the maddening processes of dojamawhoie sorting, organizing and storing!!

Well, enough from me today! I have to go get busy putting away all the dojamawhoies that are left out from yesterdays cleaning binge! Have a wonderful weekend all!


Janie said...

I feel your pain, girl!!! I have three packrats in my family (I am not one of them) and it gets a little rough. They simply refuse to throw anything away! Makes it hard sometimes!

I will be praying about the job possibility!

Jeannie said...

thanks for praying Janie, we could sure use it. Troy would love to have a better job but only if it's what the Lord would have for him!

Packrats....ugggh!! Can you believe I am STILL sorting through the!!???