Thursday, February 14, 2008

Remember when...

I was talking about how unusually quiet things seemed around here and how that usually heralds a bunch of sudden changes in our lives?? Wellllll, I am buckling up and holding on and praying hard!

My sweet Hunk O Honey just got a new job a few weeks ago and it was truly an answer to long months of prayer for him. Yesterday he called from work to tell me that he was finally on the overtime schedule (another answered prayer) and would be home a little late. I hung up the phone and went back to tending my sick young 'un (the preacher boy is sick, going to the dr. today!) when the phone rang again. It was the human resources officer for another company that the Hunk O Honey had applied with during his job search offering him the opportunity to test for a position within their company. I took down the fella's information and kind of chuckled to myself thinking that the job search was over with and settled.

When my Honey got home and I told him about the phone call his eyebrows went up and he grabbed the phone!! I (in an effort to be helpful and not bossy or pushy or nosey) quietly went about getting his supper ready so he could eat and run to church as soon as the phone call was over with.... I mean, it really only takes a minute to tell someone that you have a job now and thanks for calling but your too late bye, right? 15 minutes later I still hear him talking on the phone so I go to see if someone may have beeped in on the line and hear him making an appointment to take the welding test! So needless to say when he finally got off the phone I was curious as all get out to find out what's going on.

The reader's digest version goes kind of like this: The new job is great, he loves it, they love him and things are going extremely well. The benefits aren't wonderful but few companies offer wonderful benefits these days at all but he loves the job and it makes him happy and he even likes the guys he works with and has come home every day humming a happy tune. BUT....... he found out yesterday that the company is considering a move to Texas!!!!! He was mulling over in his mind and prayers what to do should he be given the option to move with the company IF it makes the change but since he only found out yesterday at lunch was still in the 'thinking it over' stage. The company who called him yesterday is a HUGE company with plants all over the world and a benefits package that takes nearly 3 pages of print to describe! So here we are feeling very back to square one and very very very ready for the Lord to make clear HIS perfect will for this family in this situation.

It gets a little bit complicated for us because we truly love where we are right now. We love our church family and the life that we've built for ourselves here. We have no doubts at all that this is where the Lord has put us for a reason...... but neither one of us has ever had peace that this was a "for good" home for us either. That was the only reason we hadn't gone looking for a home to buy here and we haven't invested ourselves in anything here other than our church. It appears that the company Troy is working for right now will most likely eventually be moving.... and who can blame them, the taxes here are ridiculous, the highway system is bizarre and complicated, and the land prices are even more over the top than the taxes. But the other company that wants Troy to test for them has just as much potential of eventually shipping us to somewhere else though it would probably be later rather than sooner and the benefits are better in the long term. {sigh} lots more prayers to be said I suppose.

Also on our prayer list is the preacher boy. Jared started running a fever yesterday of 102 and 103 all day long, along with a bone racking cough and lots and lots and lots of brightly colored snot. He was very upset that he had to miss church last night so he and I stayed home and studied together and prayed together but it's just not the same. He's going to the doctor this afternoon. It's most likely bronchitis and if it was me or Troy we would probably try to ride it out with natural things we always do but Jared never... and I mean never gets seriously sick. This will be the first time he has seen a doctor (except for one head injury from falling down with a tree) since he was 5 years old. His lungs sound horrible or I would be more likely to just keep tending to him at home, but my policy is anything that moves so fast and raises a temp that won't come down for more than two hours goes to the doctor.

We're also keeping my brothers in prayer. There have been some situations come up with the truck driving business that have caused alot of major changes for them. Being self employed can sometimes be a real challenge when you have a family counting on you to provide so we are praying that the Lord will just work it all out to the good of both of them and that the needs of the families will be met completely.

Also on our hearts lately are several other long term situations with our extended families that have been left sort of unresolved. I won't go into details here but I will ask that if you think of us please pray that we would both be extra sensitive to the leading of the Lord in our family matters. Some of these situations have been very serious and have caused tremendous amounts of pain for many people in the past. There are lots of wounds here that all run deep and we don't want to say or do anything that could make matters worse or hurt anyone any further. Troy and I just can't help but feel that there are reasons that the Lord has continued to lay certain people on our hearts and has given us such burdens for them.... so we want to be absolutely sure that we do the right thing in the eyes of the Lord.

And, again this year we are seeking God's will about our vehicle situation. We have been blessed with the ever faithful Jeep that brought us out here nearly 3 years ago with almost 300,000 miles on it. It still runs and only needs about $200 worth of repairs to hopefully stay on the road for at least another year. It's Troy's work truck and is getting a little extra worn but is still reliable and good daily transportation for him.

We do need to do something much more drastic for a good family vehicle though. A couple of years ago we were given a Suburban that needed some work and it's truly been a blessing to us. We never did get the work done that it needed though because it's pretty intense stuff that just requires more time than what we have available, and now it needs not only that (heater core) but most likely a transmission rebuild and some serious engine work as well. We are simply asking the Lord to help us discern His will about what we should do, if we should really invest the huge sum of money it would take to fix the Suburban or if we should just try to find the best deal we can with what little we can afford to spend and that He would guide us in that decision.

The whole car situation makes us both a little bit sad. This time last year the Lord had impressed it on both of our hearts to do a very specific thing about our vehicle situation but it was something that scared us both to pieces and instead of just walking in faith and being obedient to what the Lord had so clearly told us to do we dragged our feet and ended up missing out altogether. So every time we went somewhere this past winter with no heat it brought to mind just what our disobedience cost. Hopefully we both learned our lessons and will listen carefully to the guidance from the Lord and act immediately on what we are told instead of doubting and procrastinating!

Speaking of procrastinating..... I have a long list of projects that need to be started today so I can meet my goals of getting this house in order and getting things caught up. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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Janie said...

I will pray about all these things! Don't you hate it when there are TOO many choices to make? I don't know about you, but I like to know things and plan things and I hate that "limbo" stage...but God often seems to want us to be on a more day by day mode. Praying for you all!