Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Half a dozen times now

I have set down at my desk at least that many times now to try and get this blog updated. Being so far behind on everything has caused me to have the problem lately of not being able to stay in one spot long enough to finish much of anything, or to focus well on whatever it is that I'm trying to work on.

Actually other than being swamped with spring things are going well. I've finally adjusted about as well as I think I will ever be to the medication that is supposed to help with my heart and the fainting spells and the headaches and the dizziness. I still thoroughly resent needing it but I don't suppose there is a medication for that ;-P

Troy will most likely be starting a new job soon Lord willing. He is in the bargaining process with the human resources department trying to get the pay rate up to as close as possible to what he is currently making to ease the transition time that just goes with starting a new job. If he takes it we will finally have health insurance and some other benefits that we've been without for a really long time now.

The kids and I have been trying to get our garden and yard done so we can get busy planting bee food. I have a teensy tiny little baby strawberry out there that I am coddling for all I'm worth! I planted over 100 strawberry plants last year......BUT between the late freeze that we had, then the drought, then the wild bunnies who feasted all summer long in my garden and the hungry deer and chickens in the fall and winter months I have maybe a dozen strawberry plants left. In a last ditch effort to save them I dug them all up and transplanted them into Fred's handy-dandy-homemade-from-recycled-tire planters that I haven't had time to paint yet so they kind of make my yard look very very redneck/hillbilly/trashy.

Troy and the boys and Fred have to get busy and start building the bee boxes and bottom boards and inner/outer covers because if we don't make splits soon I'm afraid our bees will swarm and then we will have lost the extra hives and all that they would produce. Why not just buy them you ask?? Well, because they cost nearly $100 each and we just don't have the extra to spend. The kids love their bees though and I love the honey they make and the increase in the garden produce and the better berry and grape crops so our little Fred's hobby turned family business not making profit yet stays for now. It really is too bad that we didn't get a jump start on the bees this year because if we had a surplus of them to sell the kids would be making some very very good profits!

That's all the time I have to sit here, I have to run off again. I hope everyone is doing well. As you can see we still have plenty to keep us busy and God has blessed us. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some pictures so my sweet friends back home will stop harassing me about it!


Janie said...

Glad he got the job and y'all will have some benefits. Is this the job that might have you move eventually?

Jeannie said...

Thanks Janie, we're happy about the job too. This is the job that will allow us to stay put which makes it a double blessing because I don't know if I could bear to leave what has become the closest thing to home that we'll have this side of Heaven!