Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On the run

I have to make this a super quick post because the kids and I are on our way out the door. We are going to visit a beekeeper friend to make hive parts for our splits. Hopefully this will not only save us some money but my boys and Fred will learn how to make most of the components of the hives. It looks like the weather here will be great for making splits most of the rest of this week so we are definitely trying to hurry.

We also have 3 new additions to the family. For Caleb's birthday Saturday each of the kids got a goat kid. They are adorable cute, I'll try to post pictures soon. They are a nubian boer cross which should give us a good milk supply after they are grown and the kids that they have will be good for meat as well. My kids have spent days now dreaming of all the milk based goodies that they hope to have when we are no longer paying such a high price for milk.

Troy formally accepted the job offer yesterday. The pay is still a bit less than what he is making right now but the benefits are really good. After 3 years with no health insurance or sick days or paid holidays or vacation time or any other benefit of any kind he's excited to say the least. He is dreading leaving the job he has now though, he really enjoys the work he's doing and has met some people there that he really likes.... my poor hunk o' Honey, it's so sweet of him to give up that job to do better for us!

Well, I still have to load the truck and help the kids (human) finish the morning chores. Have a wonderful day.

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Janie said...

The goats sound like a wonderful addition. So cute!

I do think it is great that your husband will have benefits with his new job. I know what you mean; my husband has worked some crummy jobs just to put bread on the table and take care of us and aren't they great guys? I can't stand all the husband bashing I hear....they put up with alot for their family and don't get enough credit.

Hope you are still enjoying spring!