Thursday, April 03, 2008

Those poor kids

That's what I think most anymore. If you are tender natured and over-react to a bit of venting go read a different blog now, because I'm speaking my piece here and now and that's that.

Every time we go somewhere and I see those steely eyed, half dressed, emotionally monotone young people the world is churning out in record speeds I want to cry. My heart breaks for every single one of them.... but then I get mad. I want to slap the mothers of most of the barely dressed but not sure why she's pregnant "teens" that I see, and I want to hunt their "daddy" down and do I don't know what. I want to know why they have so readily jumped on the "fashion" train that markets our baby girls the way hookers market themselves on street corners. I want to know why parents won't parent their children. Before kids can read now they are trained by the world to look "hot" and to do whatever sick thing it takes to attract as much attention as possible regardless of the type of attention they are attracting. The world has prostitot clothing sections in every store we go into but then is astonished that kids are becoming promiscuous at earlier ages all the time. The pop princess/ teen idol craze that is destroying young folks is fuel to the fire that today's kids walk through and leaves kids so jaded and laid bare that there just isn't any room left in them for innocence.

Add to all of that confusion the violence that is pounded into all of us from day to day. It's in our speech as we turn phrase after phrase in front of our little people who are mostly left on their own to sort out what is real and what is just words spoken idly. It's in every tv show, cartoon and movie and made to seem as though violence is just something we have around us that has no importance or meaning. Violence pervades much of the world's music now as well and a trip to anyplace with video games should tell you that it's now it's own industry. All too often in so many parts of our country violence is a very real every day part of life that even our children just can't avoid. Is it any wonder that yesterday 9 third graders who should only have been worried about things like spelling were busy plotting murder? These kids had laid out what in their minds was a perfect murder and had smuggled the necessary items into school to accomplish the act. I sat in my livingroom last night crying for the innocence that should have been theirs, crying for the loss of adult guidance and instruction that those children obviously lack, crying for little hearts that are so hardened that they plotted murder and did their best to carry out their plan.

Human life has no value to most people anymore, other than their own. People buy and sell children every day right here where we call home. Women force their bodies into medication induced states of infertility only to change their minds years later and take a different set of drugs for the opposite effect as if babies are things we can or should just conjure up on a whim. Said "lady" finally gets her way and is pregnant and spends nine months stressed to pieces over whether or not to work until labor hits in order to save up her maternity leave, ends up on bedrest and has no choice but to go back to work when baby is the ripe old age of 3 weeks and needs mommy most. Guess where the little cutie pie that was wanted so badly that mommy filled her body up with chemical confusion ends up..... daycare. Maybe the children have a valid rebellion going on? Maybe they are trying in their own messed up way to tell the world that they don't like being institutionalized from birth and that they truly do need to be parented with love and warmth and consistency. Maybe these kids need to be parented by people who are genuine.... or are there any of those left?

While I'm ranting.... there is apparently a woman somewhere in our country who went through some sort of partial sex change operation and is now carrying a baby who will be born to her/him and their lawfully wedded wife. Yet another example of the total chaotic confusion that we are forcing children to sort through. That particular sect of society would have people to believe that gender is not important and has no value, or that it is something to be chosen at random or changed on a "feeling".... what kind of junk is that? How about just playing the hand you are dealt and realizing that sometimes what you want or think is just not the most important thing, how about just understanding that maybe you are being selfish and childish and hey, let's DON'T drag a child into a mess like that! I've heard every argument in the book in support of the "gay" lifestyle and "gay" couples parenting and I just don't buy it. There is no way that two people who flatly live in full out rebellion against the laws of God and His natural order should parent children!

I've heard woman after woman claim to be a "stay at home mom" but many of them are really not focused on the job of mothering their children. Some of those women prefer to toss those kids into the nearest public school system and have their days free to decorate their homes or themselves or to go shopping or lunching or golfing or whatever. I want to know when parents are going to get interested in the job of parenting their children, that job that they will all someday stand before the Lord and answer for but the majority of parents in this country feel fine abdicating to random strangers and electronic devices. Is it any wonder that children don't feel valued enough to value themselves above gutter trash?

I want to understand, but the truth is that I already do understand and I hate it. I hate it that parents don't love their children anymore, or want to try to shelter them from things that are for adults only and from things that are so vile and awful that NO ONE of any age should have to face them. I hate it that things that are abominations to a Holy God are so celebrated and lauded here. I hate it that kids are so indoctrinated with violence and lust and ugliness that they often end up looking like prettily painted zombies before they are old enough to drive, chock full of the latest greatest anti-depression and ADHD medications the pharmaceutical companies can crank out. I hate it that all that potential is wasted and trashed out before it ever got started.

One of the ladies in our church last night was talking about how the devil wishes to devour us, and thinking on the mess going on in our youth today you can see it. With your own two eyes you can see the devouring of our youth from the inside out..... take a look, I dare you! See that sweet face that used to shine so brightly with curiosity and interest in the world around them gradually become duller until all that looks back at you is the vacant stare of someone who truly is only killing time. Look, and you'll see that handsome teenage boy who used to want to learn and had great plans for his life as he gradually becomes less and less interested in anything of real importance, as he tunes out of the classes that used to hold his interest and into the popular culture that demands he become more like them. I'm tired of watching them be eaten away by the world and all of it's filth. I think of the Brittany Spears' and Lindsey Lohans who both used to be such bright and talented young girls, they were pretty and sharp and had such great hopes for their lives. They started out in "wholesome" family entertainment but were lured into all that is dark and trashy and now both of those women are what every mother hopes her children never become.

They are all falling, far, hard and fast.... I pray that the Lord will spread His hand and help us get the gospel to them quickly!


Janie said...

This was a great post! Sorry I am seeing it late! All I can say is AMEN!

Jeannie said...

Thanks Janie, it was just really on my heart. You wouldn't believe how many nasty emails I received over it though!

Anonymous said...

Although, I disagree with part of what you are saying, ITA with other parts. The revealing clothing on young girls is CRAZY!! I have a hard time finding modest clothes for myself(I am petite). I recently had the opportunity to play dolls with a young girl, all the clothes were Tiny! The magazines, TV, etc. are full of girls in skimpy outfits. The mother of this girl sees nothing wrong with the way she wants to dress, in fact, the mother dresses semi-that way herself. I fear for alot of these young girls/teens.

Jeannie said...

Hi there anonymous, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

It truly breaks my heart to see how girls (boys too for that matter) are encouraged to dress and it saddens me even further to see how many parents refuse to acknowledge the link between the way we dress and our actions/ behaviors. Not long ago I had a discussion with a relative about the subject. She didn't agree with me that there is a definite link between clothing/dress and behaviors/attitudes at all and argued her points furiously. I'm not saying that things like teen pregnancy and promiscuity are 100% the result of clothing styles but I do happen to think that it is a large contributor to the problems that our youth face today.

Our poor kids who are struggling today with problems like sexuality, drugs, broken homes,promiscuity, etc are all truly crying out for more guidance and direction in their lives.... not less as some would have us to believe. They don't need so much "freedom to express themselves" as they do a set of absolutes to live by that will guide and shape them. If the parents of the world could (or should I say WOULD) just get their acts together 90% of the problems with our youth would resolve themselves organically. Our kids flounder because we as parents flounder.

Too much "freedom" has sent the young people into a downward spiral that for far too many of them ends in the graveyards and prisons of our country with a few stops by "rehab" on the way. It isn't going to get better with Dr. Phil's intervention, or with Oprah's book club or with the best psychotherapy that money can buy... I can guarantee that those things are kind of like the spackle that you put on a plaster wall that has cracked, the crack remains but is a little bit easier to deal with for awhile then you have to sand it down to the bare problem and spackle it again!

I'll stop now before I launch into another full fledged rant.