Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life goes on

I left my little rant up a few extra days just because of the behind the scenes emails I was receiving. For the record, I don't care what anyone else thinks of what I think. Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of my system for now... on to the next thing.

The goal that I had set for myself of getting stuff cleared out around home and getting caught up with some projects I've been behind on is seriously in jeopardy of not being met. I decided that for my own peace of mind I will accept the following compromise with myself. I will get the things that are the most necessary taken care of to the best of my ability without working myself into a tail spin and tackle the rest of it as time allows on our new schedule. I will also not allow myself to be angry or frustrated with myself since I was faithful to continue to work on the projects except during times of illness or other duties taking priority. I will be prepared to attend our missions conference meetings with a heart that is fully prepared to hear what the Lord may be saying to me and with a heart to be obedient. I still have one week left to get some fairly major projects taken care of so please if you happen to think of it pray that I'll get it done!

Troy is supposed to be starting work at the new job either next Tuesday or as soon as possible afterward. He may need to stay where he is for a week or so extra in fairness to himself and his current employer who has been very kind during all the ruckus interviewing and testing for the new job. His schedule will be very very different than what we've been used to for the last 3 years now but very similar to what we used to live by so I'm hoping and praying that the transition will go smoothly for the family. I'm sort of excited about the prospect of the late night shift again, I always seem to get those tasks done inside the house that so often go neglected when the sun is shining or the library is open or the garden is calling my name.... so maybe, just maybe I'll finally get this house in some sort of functional order!

Well, I'm off of this computer for now to get busy with chores. You may have noticed a few changes on the side bar... be assured that there are many many more to come, I'm in the mood to rearrange!


Janie said...

I will pray that your husband's transition to the new job goes smoothly!

Jeannie said...

Thanks Janie! I'm sure that like most of life it will have a few bumps in the road but in the long run it should work out well for us.

I hope the paramedics haven't had to visit the zoo again and that you are feeling better!