Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching up

Sorry to have been absent so long (again). We had a missions conference this week and that combined with spring duties at home have kept me more than busy! Lord willing things will slow down a little bit and get back to some kind of normal.... whatever that means.

Troy will be starting his new job next week. That may work out in a strange sort of way to give me just a little bit more time to do things like blog and sew and cook. For some reason I am just more productive at certain things in the late evening than I am during daylight hours. He's excited about the new job and the opportunities it holds, I am just praying that he likes it and feels like it's a "good fit" for him. Part of me feels just awful that he's given up a job that he really likes because we needed health insurance!

The kids and I have lots and lots and lots of plans. We are still working on transforming our screened in garage into a family room so that we can turn our current family room into a dining room/office. We are planning our goat barn and goat lot too and need to be getting busy building that. Most of the garden is already planted but now we are out of room and will have to keep our little Fred busy cutting and turning tires to grow the things that we haven't planted yet like melons and tomatoes and peppers. The kids are wanting to get more chickens to replace the ones the neighbors dogs killed so we have to expand their house and yard too. We have baby bunnies on the way and have to get the big barn cleared out to move all the bunnies into because the chickens and guineas make the bunnies go crazy and hurt the babies. Plus, there is always bee work to do this time of year. So far we have not had the greatest time working with the bees but hopefully that is straightened out.

I have so many things I want to blog about and as usual not enough time to do it right now. I need to get going and start supper for tonight and get the house presentable and shower. Troy is bringing home a friend from work and I wouldn't want him to get a bad first impression of my sweet Hunk O Honey's family and home.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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