Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My quick list

I know I've been gone awhile, not too terribly long but long enough to get an email or two wondering why no new blog posts. I have reasons excuses, lots of them actually, but I'll only list a few because I'm in a hurry. LIFE is screaming at me to get back to it and live it before it passes me by!

There was this really incredible Baptist Heritage Conference at another church near us so we went. Fred and Jared had both written essays (they both won 1st place in the essay contest ((hoooray!!!))) and we wanted to hear the preaching and just learn more about the REAL history of our country, not the junk that was forced down our throats by the lying public school system that Troy and I grew up in. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to strengthen their faith to search out the truth of what our forefathers (and the ladies too!) went through to preserve our freedoms in this country! A good place to start is to read James Beller's book "America in Crimson Red". The same author also offers some fantastic homeschool materials that we will be learning from this year.

Our new student is moving right along in school this year and is a joy to have! She does struggle a little bit with not being the only child in the house (read: NOT being the boss and telling every one else what to do and when) but that is working out fairly easily).

I am still struggling with my health. Now, my almost non english speaking neurologist is trying me on a medication that is for epilepsy and it has turned my world upside down. I am praying that I get used to it quickly and if not that I can find some other alternative (both to the medication and the doctor).

Troy is praying about his job. I won't go into too many details, the Lord has been so good to us. We are just asking the Lord to give us reassurance that we are totally in HIS will in this area.

Oh yeah, the list.... see, this medicine makes my mind wander. I've been busy. The weather was so nice and the kids were so cute and life was so interesting and then there were these days that I didn't feel well, and then there were these great meetings to go to, and then there were these hungry people to feed and interesting conversations to have and who had time to blog with all of that going on!

Have a great day!

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