Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home-school Fun

All summer long the kids and I were studying idioms and slang and different figures of speech. We became fascinated with learning the origins of different "figures of speech" and such and so a small study on this has become part of our schooling. This website has a pdf printable series called 'An Idiom A Day Will Help Keep Boredom Away' that we have really enjoyed using! It became a very easy way to encourage the kids to stretch their writing skills and their imaginations on a daily basis without boring them to tears.

We talked alot about how challenging it can be for someone just learning to speak english to understand what we mean when we use such 'language tricks' but the kids just couldn't quite grasp why it would be so difficult for someone to understand what they have always been used to saying. I kept remembering an old cartoon from when I was a kid about a guy who died and stood at the gate of Heaven trying to relay his life story to St. Peter but was trapped by all of his slang and idiom filled speech. I have spent nearly a year now looking for that cartoon to show it to the kids.... and taaaa-daaaaa, I've found it! I thought I would share it here and now I'll be able to find it again later... you know, for research purposes.

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