Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hunting Season

I love deer season back home, here it's very different and maddening most of the time. In our county it is legal for people to drive up and down the roads with their trucks and set their hunting dogs loose to run the deer out of the woods so the fat, lazy, rude hunters can sit in their trucks and shoot a deer from the vehicle. 9 times out of 10 they come out of their trucks only long enough to cut the backstrap out of the deer and leave the rest of the carcass lying in a ditch or somewhere else....what a waste.

For us every year this means we have strangers sitting in front of our house or on the side road, sometimes even in our driveway, while their dogs run around scratching up our garden, terrifying our chickens, or growling at my children and dogs. It's not uncommon to wake up to the sound of men who I don't know walking around in my yard talking to their dogs, or calling to them. We also frequently get the pleasure of the hunters parking their trucks in my yard while they sit and talk on their cell phones and we try frantically to shoo their dogs away from our chicken yard. It's a frustrating source of aggravation every year, and every year we get more irritated as these hunters seem to just increase in number, frequency, and rudeness.

In years past we have had ugly confrontation after ugly confrontation with these thug type antler crazed lunatics, but are hoping to avoid that this year. It's bad enough that they want to be so disrespectful of people's homes and yards but we had to draw the line at them screaming at my kids from the window of their trucks. My personal limit was calling "hey baby" to my daughter from the window of the truck. It's enough to make a person just nutty! We've given up on getting any kind of help from the game wardens or sheriff's office so I guess all we can do is ride it out and pray for grace.

So in the spirit of the most insane hunting activity I've ever personally witnessed here's a video about hunting that everyone can enjoy!