Monday, November 30, 2009

Fred is blogging again

Among the zillion other things we have going on around here, our sweet little Fred is blogging again. She lost all of her sign in info for her old blog and didn't want to keep going with it after such an extended absence so she started a new one at Clay in the Hands of the Potter. It's good to see her online again, and now that some things around here have changed maybe we can function in such a way that she'll be able to keep up with it.

We have been busy as usual, but with more focus on things that have been let slide. Weaving together loose ends with schooling for all 3 of the kids and helping them get more focus to their days with our weird schedule has been a priority. Our family also took a couple of days to just get away before our revival meetings started and went hunting together while we were gone. It was a real blessing to spend quiet time together in the woods, but an even bigger one when my sweet Hunk O Honey got his first deer. I'll be processing meat tomorrow!

Sorry for such a short post but I really have tons to do before the meeting tonight. See ya!

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