Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never a boring moment

One of these days I will learn to appreciate the times in life when I am actually a little bit bored! Life is piling more on my plate right now than I want to take the time to think about let alone begin to deal with. I have multiple family members facing very serious health crisis (es?) right now and I am very concerned for their well being. It is enough to make a person go a little bit bonkers to be so far away from the people they love and to know that those people are suffering and could use a helping hand and a caring ear....maybe even a shoulder to lean on. Those times that try me to my very core are also the ones that cause me to learn to lean more on my Saviour, so again I have to just trust HIM. Romans 8:28 gets repeated many times a day around here...among many other verses.

It's that time again that the kids and I are working ourselves half silly trying to get ready for the big spring push. The gardens, the bees, the yard, the chickens and rabbits....all require much attention this time of year in order for them to be productive through the spring, summer and fall. Our first try at year round gardening went better than I had expected but not as well as I had hoped either....LOL, like that makes any sense!

I learned a lot about 4 season gardening this past year and hope to do better next year, we did harvest fresh kale for us and the chickens and bunnies all winter and the broccoli that survived the deer are big and ready to form heads very soon so that is an excellent encouragement. All 5 bee hives survived the worst parts of winter and look to be in great shape for spring...that alone is cause for celebration! We are hoping and praying for a bountiful honey harvest this year.

Well, I do hope to put up a bit longer post soon. My time online has been short lately with all that we are trying to accomplish and the phone calls to loved ones back home taking so much of my time so I know I'm behind on all of my blog/email/online activities. I'll do my best to update soon. Right now I'm off to try and get some more work caught up and get ready for church tonight.

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katie hyena said...

Ha, I remember the days of being bored and not having a job for two months. Now I work 40+. But I'm thankful for every minute of it since the Lord knows I need this money to provide.

Ugh, just wish he'd provide a working stove since all my meals are cooked in a combination of a crockpot, toaster oven, and microwave...