Saturday, June 05, 2010

Fred's Where I'm From Poem

Where I'm From

I am from warm fireplaces,
where love and grief are shared;
from the clothesline out back and the bookshelf in the corner.
I am from mobile homes, old homes, brick and stone houses
with the laughter of children and
the fragrance of the season in the air.
I am from the sweet gum tree
with the rope swing on one side and tire swing on the other.
I am from the rose bush,
whose fragrant blossoms I remember
though gone, long ago.

I am from the Easter get together and hand made quilt,
From Great Grandma's calloused hands and
Grandpa's tomato patch.
I'm from stubborn folks and
hard working family,
And from a smile on a rainy day.

I am from shake it off and try again,
from do unto others as you'd have 'em do for you;
and be serious with God and He'll be serious with you.
I am from the birthday stomp dance.
I'm from the hills of Missouri and
the songs of the Cherokee Indians,
Pork chops with mashed taters and pumpkin pie.
From my mother's broken home and ruined life
that our merciful Saviour rescued her from.
From photo albums and keepsake boxes
stored in bookshelves and bedroom closets.

I am a hodge podge of many things,
rooted in happiness and heartaches.
Family that makes you stronger,
and a GOD too great for words,
Who has given me these roots I cherish.


CarolineNot said...

No measure of eloquence would adequately compliment the author.


Jeannie said...

That was written by my daughter who is getting ready to start her senior year of high school now. I just love how it so perfectly describes just exactly where this precious young woman has come from! Her Daddy and I both cry like babies every time we read it....and thank our Heavenly Father that HE saw fit to bless us with children who truly do understand that if you don't know where you are from it's often even more difficult to determine where it is that you are going.

I'll gush on and on about that sweet girl of mine given half a chance! But I'll bet you already knew that didn't you ;)