Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Putting things in order

At least that's been my goal since I came home. We have too.much.stuff! It doesn't really help at all that my sweet Hunk O Honey is a total packrat either. He means well, really he does....this is what I tell myself every time I have to step over a pile of somethingorother that he brought home with high hopes of eventually filling a need and saving a pile of money. It's not totally his fault kids have tons of stuff too. And it's all taking over the house.

So, I've been on a mission lately. It actually started not long before we left to go back home. Everyday I go through more stuff, somedays it's lots of stuff and somedays not a lot, but it's something every day. We have a room cleaned out in the barn and all of the stuff that I deem unnecessary gets to go live in the barn until the day that we either have a huge yard sale or I get tired of it being in the barn and haul it all off to the thrift store. So far Fred's room is completely finished, my storage room is done, the living room is in progress but is nearly finished and I've worked on mine and Hunk's room quite a bit. It's amazing what will accumulate if you let it!

As I worked through a few piles late last night waiting for Hunk to get in from work I thought of how much stuff we accumulate inside of ourselves. The situation with my brothers during the last few days of my mother's passing was not good and I realized that I have accumulated a bunch of stuff during that time. As I sat down on the floor in my room last night I realized that all through life we often gather "stuff" within ourselves. The easy route is to stuff it down deep inside and ignore it, or to pretend it isn't there and put on that fake smile and just keep trudging onward. But just like those piles of stuff that have gathered in my home, the day will come that the stuff takes over and you find yourself buried in a mess that will take some time and serious work to get rid of.

I'm thankful to have the help of the Lord when it comes to sorting "stuff"!! Just a little talk with Jesus......