Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Opportunity knocks

No not for me, it's just something that occurs to me sometimes and so I thought I would put it on here to think on for a bit. We all face a crisis in our lives from time to time and it's just plain old human nature to hone in on how awful our particular crisis is to us and how it changes our lives for the duration of time that we have to endure said crisis. I've also heard it said that buried inside each crisis we face lies an opportunity to example just exactly how the Lord has changed us. So how do we now confront or endure crisis? For the ones who have known me the longest I guess it is easy to my sweet and dear friend Miss Willie tells me the difference is night and day. It used to be that when I had a problem no matter how big or small in my life I would burn up the phone lines all over the country telling anyone who would listen how awful I had it and why. It used to be that I really meant it when I was talking to those people about how worried I was and how bad I felt. Now, as Miss Willie so sweetly reminds me....her phone doesn't ring often enough and so she calls me to find out what my blessings have been this week. I have learned to look for that opportunity that is hidden inside of times of crisis. Maybe it is only an opportunity to teach my children how to face those times with our dignity intact (dont' laugh...I do have some dignity even if I shroud it behind clowning around some). Maybe it's an opportunity to share how the Lord has blessed me with someone else who is having a crisis of their own. Maybe it's an opportunity to wait for a lesson on some area of my life that is needing to grow a bit. Maybe it's one of those hard times that remind us that all we really need is God's grace to get us through. I may not be able to name it but I can be sure that there is an opportunity there somewhere and it is usually proportionate to the crisis. The trick it to not allow the hard times to blind us to the goodness of the Lord in our lives....if you let yourself be blinded by the hard times and you just can't see the goodness of God and His blessings in your life that is the true crisis. Just my thought for the night.

PS.....I love you Miss Willie!!! Thanks for always being such a blessing to me! Yes, I will call more often.

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