Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My Lord is just so sweet to me!!! Even when the things that I say make no sense and totally betray what my heart really feels He knows exactly what I need and when.....too bad my mouth just doesn't want to remember that. My last post sounds so awful....yet that is the way that my mind and my body felt...completely awful, anyone who has had constant hot flashes and those horrible post menopausal mood swings can tell you that sometimes you really have no control over what comes out of your mouth. I have literally heard myself talking these last couple of weeks and thought "who just said that??". It is so awesome to know that no matter how my mind and body feel and how much those two parts of me run away with the rest of me that God knows all the stuff that runs even deeper than that....and even more amazing is that he cares about it.

Ya'll know how much we hate to hear men blame our hormones for something that we have said or done, but the bare and brutal truth of the matter is that an imbalance of certain hormones will make us more than just a little temporarily insane. Troy took Monday off work to help me find a doctor since by Monday I could only alternate between the 'cry' and 'yell' cycles with brief periods of 'sullen' scattered between and as bad as that sounds the worst part of it is the plain old forgetfulness, I must have asked Troy 20 times in an hour 'where are the extension cords?' much do you dislike being asked the same question every 3 &1/2 minutes?? My poor husband spent Sunday night up and down as I would get up and turn the heat off and fans on...he would wake up shivering and turn the fans off and the heat on and cover up the kids. He never even complained about doing it but he sure was glad to find a doctor that could help me on Monday!

The Lord was looking out for me on Monday with the doctor visit too. I told the doctor that I needed the estrogen and answered his questions about why yada yada yada....then he puts down his pen and says "is there anything else you need while you are here?". Well, after I recovered from my brief period of shock over a doctor actually paying attention and asking a reasonable question I remembered that I'm out of migraine medicine so I told him that and he wrote me a prescription for some of that too and sent me home with a sample of the new kind I"m going to take. I would never have remembered to ask about that stuff in my estrogen deprived state, but the Lord knew that I was going to need that medicine when I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with one of my meanest migraines yet....and the medicine worked too!!! For the first time in years I had a migraine that came on and then left all within just a few hours instead of the usual 3 days to 4 weeks!

Even though I still haven't had a full day to just stay home and work on the house (and most likely won't til maybe next week?) it is getting better. Troy got me a desk for the computer so it isn't sitting on the kitchen counter anymore and now I can unpack all of my office stuff and kitchen stuff .....hmmm maybe I will actually find my iron. I'll have gobs of boxes emptied by the weekend I'm sure and hopefully my house will start to look like a home. Troy has done most of the work on the Jeep and is planning on finishing that up within the next week or two and then he is building our chicken house!!!! We get to have a garden here and chickens...... yippeeee free groceries!!!! and an excuse to play in the dirt!!!! We are planning to get guineas first since they will kill the snakes and bugs and mice and all of the icky things that I don't want living in my yard and garden, then we will get chickens and maybe bunnies. I'm hoping to be ready for bees by next spring....I love fresh honey! But first things first.....where oh where is my iron???? Hee hee, unpacking is such fun!!

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