Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Home sweet Home

I am just so thrilled with the wonderful new home that the Lord provided for us! I really love it here, it's peaceful and we have plenty of room to run around and play and for the last several days we have worked and worked on cleaning up the yard and the land on the back of the property for our garden. I still have boxes to unpack but that pile is getting smaller by the day and everything that we have to have to function is unpacked.....it just might take me a little while to find it all. Anyway, I thought since my hands are still swollen and really hurting that instead of my typical ramble I would post a few pictures.


Michelle Hill said...

Wow..It looks really nice!!!!!

Angela D. said...

Looks like you're clearing for a homestead. hee-hee I am so excited for you all in your new home!
love you,