Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good morning

Good Morning folks! I'm enjoying my day already and thought I would take a few minutes just to ramble a little. We had a wonderful weekend and really enjoyed ourselves with a sunrise service on Sunday as well as two very special and sweet services at our home church. I am just so amazed every time I think of how much the Lord really does love us!

Thankfully the Lord has been helping me to find more time to just be still and be with Him! I'm really enjoying my time with the Lord lately and it seems like the more I'm with Him the more I want to squeeze more time out of my schedule to visit with Him. I'm so glad that I can have time with the Lord while I'm working and schooling the kids and all of the other things that I do but that special quiet time that is set apart just for Him seems all the more sweet to me.

We are working a lot around here lately too. Still working on the garden, though we have had a really big setback with it. I guess one of the kids left the hose on at the spigot and a dog or something bit it and we had water leaking onto the garden for who knows how long and it washed away a large portion of what I had worked up and planted. I guess I will wait awhile to see if anything germinates there and if not I'll just have to re-till and replant it. Working with such sandy soil is very very new to me. Back home all of the dirt is really dark and more solid than this. We are really hoping for a good garden but even if nothing ever grows out there we have sure grown a lot for having had the opportunity in the first place.

The kids are working hard trying to finish up schooling for this year. We won't stop schooling when we finish up the year's work but we will switch over to a much more relaxed schedule. We are hoping to get finished up and get the end of the year testing done by the week after next. We are going to be using the Accelerated Achievement curriculum from now on and Ray's Arithmetic. We've never used either one of these but have heard wonderful things about them and look forward to new learning experiences.

Troy and I are working a lot on the house and it seems like the more we do the more we want to do. We are so excited to finally have a place that feels like 'home' again and it feels so good to just let ourselves try to settle in. We have things unpacked that have been in boxes since 2001!! Troy spent last evening working on his 'shop'....it's really just a small room that he has all of his tools and things in but it is so much more than what he has had since 2000. It's good to see him feel able to settle in and get all comfy here.

The Lord is just so good to us!!! I could ramble on all day probably and never even touch on the things that I am most thankful for.

Well, I'm off to get this day started. I hope that you all have a wonderful day!

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