Thursday, April 13, 2006

What we've been doing lately

If you look back a few weeks to when we first started working around here you can see how much land we have cleared back there in our 'garden'. It was over run with brambles and briars and couldn't even see that building that is behind the boys in the first picture. There is also a picture of one of my favorite presents from my sweet hubby tiller!!!! I love that thing and boy does it ever make this garden bit a lot easier. Tae even gave it a try but didnt' think much of been shaken to bits trying to hang on while it munched up the ground. We still have a lot of clearing to do and bunches of trash to haul out of there but it sure has come a long way since we got here.....and we all have the blisters to prove it!

It's been busy again here on the 'homestead' but a very happy kind of busy. I just love the sore muscles that come from good old fashioned hard work! The kids have been working really hard too and are eager every day to get back out there and work some more. We have found that working so hard has it's spiritual benefits too....for one thing we are working too hard to do much talking (or sibling bickering for that matter) but that has only left plenty of opportunity to converse with the Lord in our hearts and out loud sometimes too. It's very very common to be out there working and hear one of us burst out in a song praising the Lord for giving us this wonderful place to live and work and fellowship with Him. Even if our garden never produces one bit of 'fruit' it has borne out plenty of fruits in each of our hearts.

I'll post more later and maybe some more pictures too, right now I have to hurry up and get ready to go to a meeting with the ladies from church.


Angela D. said...

Wow! What a difference! It looks like a completely different place! You all are such a precious family! God has truely blessed us with your family! Keep searching to serve Him! Love you all,

Michelle Hill said...

It looks real nice..