Monday, January 26, 2009

Hillbilly Housewife

I used to love the Hillbilly Housewife site, but it always bothered me that the new owner called herself the "creator" of the website when in fact it was Miss Maggie who was responsible for the original recipes and information that drew the massive number of visitors to the page to begin with. I loved that she offered her information freely, without bombarding us with ads or trying to sell us more of her ideas, and I always appreciated her humility and generosity in doing those things. The "new" Hillbilly Housewife site seems to be a very cluttered up "knock off" of the original without giving any consideration to all of Miss Maggie's very much appreciated hard work.

For all of those reasons and because a few other ladies had expressed the same thoughts I wanted to post about the internet archive and tell you all how wonderful it is. Just go to and type the name of the website or it's web address in the "Wayback Machine's" search feature. It's really very simple and you get the original page with it's information just the way it was when it was filed. There are also video and audio files there among more stuff than I could ever begin to describe here.

I sure did miss the original Hillbilly Housewife and Miss Maggie!


Anonymous said...

omg! me too!!! I cant stand the site now!

Rochelle said...

can you tell me how to find the original when I ask for it, I get the new one and I am not fond of that page, can not even find the bread machine bread recipe miss maggie had