Saturday, September 05, 2009

It's that time again

Well, despite a slightly longer than a month migraine and being behind on several of our summer "get it done" plans it's time to start school. I'm excited about schooling, I always am and so are the kids. We will be using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum for the most part this year. We are starting in their "year 3" because we've covered the periods of history taught in the first two and this is Fred's second to last year in school (yikes!!!). I had intended to start school a couple of weeks ago but like I said, I had a month long migraine. So, we are starting a little later than usual, and a little slower but I think we'll be fine anyway.

I'm hoping to feel well enough to finish getting the garden cleaned up and fertilized so we can get a fall garden in this year. It cuts the grocery bill so much when we have fresh veggies, and we all notice a HUGE difference in the way we feel when we eat more of our own foods vs. going to the grocery store. Probably mainly because we get more veggies that way, and those green smoothies we all got so hooked on had Troy losing weight and feeling the best he's felt in years. The kids bought me some heritage kale seeds to try planting and I'm hoping it does well, but what besides soup and smoothies can I use kale for?? I'll have to do some looking for that one....

We harvested a little bit of purple honey a couple of weeks ago.... well, the kids did the work since I was sick. This time it isn't as purple, it seems to have a bit of the darker late summer amber honey mixed in with it but it has the same extra super sweetness that we got before. I don't think that we got two quarts altogether this year but there's still hope for a small bit to come in. People always ask me what the purple honey tastes like, but it's so hard to describe. The closest I've been able to describe it is like grape soda combined with cotton candy only better and smoother. I always say grape Nehi, but no one around here knows what Nehi soda Nehi soda only in the midwest???

I don't really have a lot to say, but felt like sitting up without vomiting for the first time in weeks so I thought I'd better pop up a quick post so no one back home gets too awful worried. I hope to stay well and take advantage of the cooler weather and get some things caught up around here! We have big plans for more garden space, and a huge strawberry garden, and herb beds. The chickens and doves need new houses built and we have been trying to figure out what to with Fred's new little chickens since they have to be kept separate from the "mutts". I still have a batch of saurekraut to get canned and put away too.

Well, now that I've caught up here a bit I guess I better go see what I can done before I get to feeling too yucky.